Chronos AR16

Position Trading is primarily investing in Stocks, Commodities, Currencies & Index Futures with a view to remain invested for greater than 2-3 days.

There are many books out there that cover details about investing in financial markets. Markets in general, are an evolving space of battle zone where only the careful ones will maintain longevity. In a space where more than 70% trades at the exchanges are Algo driven it is important to make sure if you are at the right side of the fence and better if you when they are entering and exiting the Market.

Here we cover some of the crucial insights that our system allows us to take advantage of possible trading opportunities:

The shaded rectangular boxes suggest markets in a consolidation phase and a big move about to happen as denoted by yellow bars. The shaded oval area suggests that a trend has come to an end when a grey bar is followed by a cyan bar.



Charts courtesy of TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim

This product is ideal for anyone interested in investing rather than day trading. A weekly report is published with charts and figures on some possible opportunities in the market for our corporate and HNW clients.  We also produce single page research note on US Stocks, Commodities and Indices for upon request. Please follow us on twitter: @chronostraders, Skype: Chronos.Traders or email us at for more details. 


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