This Trader Training program comes with lifetime access to the online professional training portal. At Chronos Traders we are providing our trainees with a free access to DOM trading when enrolled into the programme. We understand learning to trade financial markets could be like a journey and it takes minimum 3 months dedication to find out if there is a trader in you.

Provided by our product partner, this exclusive Remote S&P e-mini Futures Trader Training Programme, is far ahead of the likes in the industry. The product package contains :


Get a direct view of a professional trader’s screen as he takes you through everything he knows about the markets and trading. Each video session is packed with real world insights, and every concept, setup, and tactic is explained in thorough detail like nothing you’ve seen before.


It’s not enough to teach you concepts and methods and then leave you on your own. This is called training for a reason, and you get 61 challenging practice drills that take what you’ve learned and allow you to apply it to real market scenarios for accelerated learning.


Each video-based session also includes supporting PDF’s with highly detailed key takeaways and extra insights and perspectives. These allow you to deepen your understanding while acting as useful reference guides going forward. Other practical tools are also provided to allow you to immediately transfer what you learn to your live trading.


Not all trading methods are created equal. We trade using what has been called the most statistically robust analysis method ever created: Auction Market Theory. We utilize volume profile to exploit a dimension of market action that most traders are unaware of, and we combine this with price action principles to create a complete method grounded in the realities of market dynamics. You learn the exact same methods we’ve used to make a living from trading the markets full-time, and you can use these methods to trade any market on any time-frame. Once you’ve experienced this robust method in action, you’ll see its sheer superiority to all other methods you’ve learned.


Once you can trade without any indicators or mechanical signals, that’s when you know you’ve arrived as a trader. We teach you to shed all the indicators that have never really worked for you, and learn how to read the market contextually. You learn to take advantage of the movements of other traders; to know who’s in control of the market; to gauge where the important moves will start ahead of time. Your trading will be on an entirely different level once you make this transition, and your results will start speaking for themselves.


Most traders spend years of effort with nothing to show for it at the end. If you’ve gone through this, not only is it frustrating, but the people closest to you lose faith in you and worst of all it makes you lose faith in yourself. By learning proven trading methods directly from the professionals themselves, you avoid years of needless struggle, confusion, and wrong paths that only end up depleting your account and taking your dream away from you.


Before you can trade the markets profitably, you have to have a logical framework for understanding market movement. Through 18 intensive training videos, we build up your understanding of how the markets really work, layer by layer, arriving at deep contextual understanding. All the confusion you currently feel when trying to figure out
market movement will subside as you gain a robust framework for reading the market like the professionals.


You’ll never be a profitable trader until you master probabilities, position sizing, and risk management. Most traders only have a high-level understanding of these basics, and falsely think that they are applying them correctly in their trading. There are many myths and bad practices being spread by trading educators who don’t actually make money from the market. We take your understanding of these concepts to a new level, while providing you with useful tools to allow you to instantly put them into action, and more importantly, keep utilizing them with discipline.


To have an edge in the markets, you have to have a clear strategy that is finely tuned to market realities. The beauty of our strategy is its exquisitely simplicity and ability to be in tune with the movement of the market. It keeps you on the side of the big money players, and gives you the potential to profit from virtually any market condition. You can finally avoid getting pushed around by market noise, and getting chopped up by trading in the wrong zones at the wrong times.


Once the market is open it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, lost, and confused, even if you have a good overall strategy. We teach you the elite skills of dynamically reading a live market to allow you to implement your strategy correctly and efficiently. We also go into the nuances of execution, teaching you all the professional tricks of the trade, while detailing every setup, entry, and exit technique we employ. If you regularly watch the market move without you, or leave a lot of money on the table, you’ll find these sessions invaluable.


If you thought you understood trading psychology, think again. We delve into it from the most in-depth perspectives you’ve never heard about. Combining years of research and real-world experience, we take you on a journey to the depth of your mind to equip you with proven methods and powerful techniques. If you’ve felt that there’s a mysterious wall between you and success, and that you’ve been holding yourself back as you keep repeating the same self-defeating patterns, you’re going to find out how to finally overcome it. More than just trading psychology, we dive deep into insights and techniques ranging from the sports world to ancient spirituality, and apply them in a unique and powerful way to trading to finally allow you to trade correctly with confidence. This part of the training alone can change your whole trading and your entire life.


The vast majority of what passes for trading education is nothing more than one-way transfer of information from the ‘instructor’ to you. But what good is knowledge that you can’t apply in the real world at the right edge of the chart?
This is why this isn’t your typical trading ‘course’. Instead, this is designed by professional traders to be a powerful training program that teaches you what you need to know while also building up real skills through active drills and exercises. You learn to think for yourself and quickly apply what we teach- and this makes all the difference in your learning process.


Your mind thinks in a certain structure. Unless you’re taught in a format that is aligned with the way your mind works, much of what you learn isn’t absorbed at a deep enough level to allow you to actually put it to use. We’ve spent a large amount of time carefully structuring the training to make it highly intuitive and easy to follow. Each topic gradually builds on the last in a step-by-step fashion that allows it to be absorbed and assimilated in a powerful manner.


When you buy trading books or courses, you’re most often left on your own with countless questions as to how this applies to your specific situation and market. This wouldn’t be training without continual two-way interaction, and that’s why we give you the opportunity to ask any question you like during our Coaching / Q&A calls, which are held every week for 3 full months. You can use these calls to probe deeper into anything you may not have understood well, or to ask how any concept applies to the market you’re currently trading. If you have problem areas, you can ask for specific guidance, and even send in screenshots of your trades for review. We’ll break things down and show you what you’re doing wrong and how to improve. And it won’t be a trading ‘instructor’ on the other end answering your questions through book knowledge. It’ll be professional traders with years of market experience and a wealth of real world hard-earned knowledge to share. The custom-tailored insights you gain can literally transform your trading and greatly accelerate your path to consistent profitability.

When you subscribe to the program, you receive Lifetime access to the entire training, including live group coaching / Q&A calls every week.

If you wanted to enroll in extensive training of this caliber at a trading firm, you would either have to beat out hundreds of applicants to get hired, or it would cost you up to $10,000. However, our mission is to help as many serious traders as possible, so we’ve priced it low enough that any trader willing to invest in their success can afford it.

Whether you want to day trade full time for a living or make a side income from your trading, you can learn to trade like the professionals and become a true pro. We are highly confident that nothing rivals this training, and that it will be your best chance at consistent profitability. So if you’re serious about trading, the only question is not whether to go through this training, but whether you can afford not to.

Our Professional Futures Traders look at trading in a different way than most of the educators and “gurus” that you’ll find out there. Unlike most in this industry, They won’t tell you what you want to hear; They will tell you what you need to know. And you’ll see it from the eyes of professionals who can actually make a living from the markets. They don’t claim to be gurus, but they have been around the block enough times to know what actually makes money and how trading should really be approached.

As professional traders, They can make their living solely from the markets. But they see a major gap between what the independent retail trader is taught and what the professionals actually think and do. And they want to fill this gap.

A lot of what’s out there passing for good trading education is good only for the pocketbooks of those selling it. But if you’re a trader who is committed and serious about making it, then you’ve come to the right place. Their mission is: To help serious traders achieve their full financial and personal potential.

It’s their sincere hope that their training will greatly help you in your trading journey, and save you some of the dead-ends and heartaches that they experienced while learning. Here is one quick sneak peak.