Swing Trading

“Give a man a fish, it feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and that would feed him for a life time.” And this is exactly what we intend to do with this mentoring program. Student days are the days to learn and explore paths for a career. That is why these are the time to explore if there is a trader in you.

This program is created for the development from basic to professional level trading skills for an individual new to trading. This training program is built to suit the trainee trader around their day to day commitments. Originally created for its proprietary trading desk, but now offered remotely so that new traders would have the best chance to succeed. The goal of this program is to create completely self-dependent traders.

This program is unique, in that it is a SKILL BASED training program. Skype based one-on-one mentoring sessions, and daily execution drills to build a powerful trading foundation.

What this program is not, is a simple knowledge based program that asks traders to memorize technical patterns, indicators, and trading plays found in countless books and programs online. The hard truth is that, much of these technical patterns, indicators, and trade ideas are worthless without the trading skills necessary to trade them effectively. Statistically, trading skills take years of experience and lost money to develop, but this program reduces this learning curve by creating a demanding curriculum focused on trading skills, followed by the development and execution of a trade idea that work best for the trainee.

There are no secret recipe in trading methods that always work, however, we have gone through many models and have come up with setups that reduces the learning time. Being a consistently profitable trader is about the adjustments made using trading skills. Trainees are mentored through this process, building simple trade idea and their associated risk involved. Armed with these skills, traders finishing this program are far more mentally and physically prepared to trade any markets.

A trainee does not have to have any prior trading experience before starting this program. This program builds traders from the ground up. The training program is laid out over a 2 calendar month. Lesson plans have been crafted covering trading day, from 5pm to 10pm GMT+4, including weekend and evening written lectures and videos. Below is a snapshot of how we like to parameterize price movement relative to statistical averages and bands.


The first 20 hours will focus on Skill Development:

· Fundamentals of Trading
· Technical Analysis
· Mastering Entries and Exits
· Pattern Recognition
· Correlating Markets
· Strategies & Setups
· Risk Management
· Psychology of Trading
· Building Routines

There is also an additional 6 months of one-to-one mentoring will focus on the building and executing of trade ideas conducted through Skype and Whatsapp

Trainee Traders are mentored on an individual basis remotely. Being able to work through the program independently with a mentor gives trainees a more personalized experience without having to compete for attention. Mentors usually work with no more than 8 trainees at a time through the training program, assuring the trainee focused guidance. At the end of the program, and one-to-one mentoring, trainees will receive a full evaluation on the skills in which they are doing well and what needs to be improved; along with a road map to make trading a career.

This program cost USD 2000 for the duration of 20 hours training. After the training a trainee can opt for further 6 months mentoring which entails Q/A over Skype or Whatsapp for additional $3000. Trainees are expected to have a capital of USD 10,000 to trade. 

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